Suggestions for color correction in underexposed milky way photo

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Re: Suggestions for color correction in underexposed milky way photo

The111 wrote:

DavidWright2010 wrote:

Sorry - I should have said '16 bit tiff'.

No matter, I opened the raw file and made 2 tiffs - one for the sky and one for the foreground,, processed each to taste and merged:

You really needed a brighter foreground image.

Thanks so much David for taking a look. Do you mind describing how you processed the sky? I like how yours turned out, and I'm just looking for new ideas at this point.

As mentioned in the OP, I do have a much better exposure for the foreground. And I have a dozen other sky images to stack for noise reduction. I have some pretty good looking final products in terms of clarity/noise, I just still feel like the sky colors are off in most attempts.

I just follow Roger Clark's tutorial.  It's the chapter a few lines down from the link you posted at the start. Start with a 16-bit tiff, incrementally subtract the background and stretch (via the middle slider in the levels histogram) the color. At the start  in a heavily polluted image you can subtract the entire spectrum (RGB mode), then later subtract each channel - R, G, and B - to keep the sky black (or grey).

I use Photoshop Elements (desktop version - cheap) and there are many things it won't do in 16 bit mode, but fortunately it can do this.


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