Image quality of Sony A7 III is (sometimes) identical to A7r IV?

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Re: Image quality of Sony A7 III is (sometimes) identical to A7r IV?

Not sure of the context or if just running out a tiny thread of truth to an incorrect or fanciful conclusion.  Nor sure that I can explain it well.

The high res 61 mp does seem to be less forgiving of camera motion, the same motion is seen more on the higher res sensors.

"ISO" discussions are often "confusing.".  Some commentators on the internet sell clicks more than good information.  Or one might suggest that downgrading the competition is a hobby (or job) and when one has a product (the 61 mp A7riv) that no one else has, it's a target.  It might be a tad risky if the "favored" brand puts out a similar product later, they've got to fight the rumors/myths at that point, too.

There are others who can explain it better but if one measures at the pixel level, the smaller pixels of the A7Riv don't perform like the larger pixels of something like the A7iii. However, at the full sensor level, closely contemporary sensors perform quite similarly.  Also, if one down samples to A7Riv to 24 mp, there may be little or no apparent difference in the results when viewed on screen or in a print.

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