Question for Tamron 28-200 owners.

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Re: Question for Tamron 28-200 owners.

I have the 28-200 on an A7Riv and the 18-135 on the A6400.  Never really shot the particular scenario you're thinking of - stage lighting/concerts.

Strikes me that this would be the classic "1 stop advantage" for FF sort of scenario.  There's a pretty good chance you'll be at the same f stop or very close on either (wide open) so what you got using the aps-c should be a pretty good predictor, except you might be able to use a higher iso or up the shutter speed some.  So, better than the A6400 and 18-135 but not up to what you could do with an f2.8 zoom.   I really like the single lens range for both but there are times when a faster lens is helpful, maybe even necessary.

We don't know what the actual lighting or distances, are, etc., or what restrictions you might have, seating, perhaps a monopod from the seat, or nothing like that to help, or favorite dad with a cam, getting some favored access to great spots.  (I'd think that's wishful thinking, everybody wants the good spots.)

However, having a contact with the performance, family participants, etc., there's a potential "in" anyways.  They might need/want some images for ads, yearbooks, promotional materials, etc.  And while shooting during a performance might be rough/restrictive, perhaps you can talk your way into shooting during some dress rehearsals, etc., when maybe better positioning is available, movement not restricted, etc.

Don't disregard the availability of noise reduction software, either.

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