Budget Parabolic Umbrella with Focusing Rod

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Re: Budget Parabolic Umbrella with Focusing Rod

Hydraulics wrote:


I recently bought a camera light (Aputure Amaran 100x) and wanted to get an umbrella. I've been looking for a versatile kit for a light modifier and wanted to get a parabolic umbrella with a focusing rod ( to manipulate the light). I had read threads from a few years ago by forum user MayaTlab0 and others who discussed the benefits of a real parabolic umbrella and how much of a difference they can make.

I can see that the broncolor paras are thousands of dollars. I've been looking at a lower cost alternative that is a true parabolic umbrella and has a focus rod to manipulate the light.

Would you happen to know of any parabolic umbrella products that are between $200-$300 that would include the umbrella and focusing rod?

I have seen products like the Paul Buff parabolic umbrella but that one doesnt seem to have a focus rod? Can those be hacked to have a focus rod installed? Otherwise I was looking for something that is going to be a reasonable cost but also provide a wide versatility of lighting that also makes a subject pop. If there is no such thing in the market that is affordable, then can't one be hacked in some way? maybe some industrial person has hacked another product so that it can be used?

many thanks for your expert opinions

Thank you

Try this


Or this:

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