Best light prime lenses to own

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Re: Best light prime lenses to own

The problem with "how big" a lens is, in my opinion (ok, the weight plays a role when you have a camera and a lens attached to your neck AND another lens in a pocket or in the backpack) is how your camera+lens is big around your body and how easy is to manouver, move your arms, take off clothes etc.

I agree with a lot of comments above that a combo of 23 f2 and a 50 f2 is REALLY good and lightweight, they don't cost a fortune and they perform really well. Even if just looking at photos on flickr I tend to like more those in the 18-35(especially)-60 or 56 groups: they just have something more to me, more often.

The problem is that 23 f2 is equally "taller" to the 35 1.4 which indeed is 1.4... and the 50 is even taller.

Comparing to the 18 F2, the latter isn't as small as the 27 (which I don't like) but it's really unintrusive on your chest paired with a xt30.

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