Suggestion for Canon SX40 Replacement

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Re: Suggestion for Canon SX40 Replacement

Martin_99 wrote:

- same sensor size - no effect (FYI - smaller than many smartphones)

- sensor generation - ?

- higher resolution - positive effect

- bigger zoom range and slower aperture - negative effect

- image processing - ?

My guess is that image quality will be slightly better, but maybe you will not recognize it at all. This was the reson why I suggested camera with bigger sensor.

Right now, I take a lot of photos with my iPhoto 12 Pro Max, but only if I don't need to further than the 2.5x optical zoom.  If/when I need further reach, I reach for the SX40 or my SX260, both of which have much longer optical zoom.  So which yields better IQ--longer optical zoom but with smaller sensor or digital zoom with larger sensor?

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