GFX100 Vs GFX100s

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cortex95x wrote:

No doubt that there will be darts and flames flying in my direction, but now that I've owned both the GFX100 and the 100s for a significant period of time, I can truthfully say that I prefer the ergonomics of the GFX100. Yes, it is heavier and larger than the 100s, but I do not find the weight to be an issue, and the larger dimensions—particularly in the vertical plane—make the camera much more comfortable to hold in my hands. And in this regard, I find it interesting that both Canon and Nikon's already released, or soon-to-be released flagship models are roughly the same size as the GFX100, as they appear to have integrated battery grips.

I rarely sell my cameras, so I will be keeping the 100s, but I have no doubt that the GFX100 will continue to get more use.

We are all different—some more so than others—when it comes to the dimensions of our hands, and what feels good for one user may turn out to be uncomfortable of another.

I guess if its a choice between no grip and a crappy grip - the crappy grip wins out.

I do wish Fujifilm had added a vertical grip option to the GFX100s - the 50s grip was an amazing vertical grip.

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