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I did 2 shoots today with this set up so here are my primary findings.

The first session was for a realtor that wanted images of a large property (160 acres) and all of the structures on the property.  I spent an hour with the belt on and probably walked a total of about 1 mile while wearing winter coat and boots, since we had decent snow storm 2 day ago.  Total time in the belt was about 90 minutes.

The second shoot was with a family in a "park" type area.  I was dressed the same, but walked less than 1/4 mile total and spent about 60 minutes in the belt.

Overall I think it is going to be a great system for shooting events with 2 bodies.  I think I would still use my sling bag system if shooting with 1 body, not because the belt is bad, but the sling is better for my style.  Like any other system I just need more practice time with it.

Things I noticed:

I wore the belt over my coat so there would be no interference.  This made the belt not feel as tight/stay in place because of how the lining of the coat rides on your body.  The belt stayed in place firmly on the coat.

I originally set the belt up with the hooks at roughly the 3 and 9 position on my hips.  This is a little to far "behind" to easily hit the latches the pins fit in.  I moved them up to roughly the 2 and 10 position (just head of the hips) which worked great.  With the coat on this made the latches move back closer to the 3 and 9 position.  While not bad, it was not as natural and I really had to pay attention.

Just like any other system, you can put too much in.  Again today was practice with the new system so I kinda "filled up" the pouches to see how it would work.  I carried more weight and more gear (risk of damage) than I needed.

Here is a quick cell phone pic of the set up.

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