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Thanks Paul .. I'll agree with you in most. But the A9 only being 24mpx it's crop ability is limited compared to the A6600. I think I know the answer but let me ask that if you only had 1 body and 1 lens for wildlife what would be your choice and reasons?

When people have the money to buy the most expensive and latest and greatest cameras and lenses, they can take the best pictures for almost any situations. Most of us do not have that option, since we can not afford to do so.

I would not try to keep up with people in that category for many reasons. If I were you, I would try to make what you have work best for you. That is what I am doing, and so far, it has been working out very well for me IMHO. Although I don't get the same IQ as some people that have the latest and greatest cameras and lenses, I'm still very happy with my pictures. What are you unhappy with with the images you are currently taking?

It may be that you might need to perfect your post processing techniques? Do you take pictures in JPEG? If yes, have you ever thought about post processing RAW images?

Try to be happy with the pictures you take, and continue to advance your picture taking technique. That way, you can save money, and enjoy your pictures without wishing you had better gear. It would be much cheaper and satisfying than buying new cameras and lenses.

BTW, 24 mpx's are more than enough for most people, vs 45mpx's that only pro photogs may need to sell pictures. How do you share your pictures, do you sell pictures, and how large are they? How large do you print pictures, if any?

Hey Snapa .. I don't disagree with you in the least and I certainly cannot afford the latest and greatest. I was going to test out an A9 selling for $2100 this am but it got sold(had some damage on rear screen) So I tested out the A7RIII and my initial feelings are mixed. I see improved dynamic range but lots of misses with practice it'd get somewhat better I guess. Here's my top 3 picks from an hour shoot, not much was happening.

and 2 so so shots:

Ergonomically it's better but my pinky still slips off. I feel the IQ and dynamic range are better but if you can't get a sharp capture then it wouldn't matter much how good that is. It doesn't scream keeper but maybe the A7Riv would if I can find one cheap enough .. same going for the A9. ..

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