Please help me to choose a FF camera system (landscape, wildlife)

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Re: Please help me to choose a FF camera system (landscape, wildlife)

techie takes pics wrote:

You've probably read that full frame is the 'best' so you must absolutely have full frame.

You want it so much that you're willing to compromise on lenses.

If you are the owner of a pizza shop, will you spend a lot of time deciding between a Ferrari or a Lamborghini for your delivery? Surely it matters, as the 'best' car delivers the best pizza's, right?

I always recommend that a camera is best equipped with lenses about 2-3 times the price of the body - as a rule of thumb.

OK so what lens do you suggest for the $6500 Sony Alpha 1. Only $13k - $20k lenses.

Sorry your rule of thumb makes no sense in a world where the cameras now have very advanced features such as 50mp, 8k video, 30fps stills, Eye AF, AF Tracking across 90% of the frame, etc..

By your rule of thumb even the most expensive 70-200 f2.8 would be too cheap to use on the Z9, R3, R5 or A1.

If you spend your budget on the body and have to equip it with the cheapest kit lens, consider selling frozen pizzas, but hey, at least they are delivery by a Ferrari.

The lens defines the picture; the composition, sharpness, image quality. The camera merely records what it receives.
When you skew the balance too much towards the exiting black box with all the buttons and the high review scores, you run into the law of diminishing returns. A system delivers better pictures for your dollar or euro, if you apply some balance; the 1 : 2-3 ratio I suggested. Not: 1 : 0.1 .

For 2500, I would recommend either:

  • a 2500 body and expect to invest another 5000 in lenses, to unlock its potential; or:
  • 2500 as total budget, 600-800 on a body and the rest in fantastic lenses.

Lenses are important.

So this is taken with a AU$9k camera and AU$3k lens. No way any $1k camera could reliably take this kind of image.

The lens isn't what keeps things in focus here, it is the camera. In fact the camera plays a far more important role in keeping things in focus - things like Eye AF, focussing 120 times per second, tracking across 90% of the frame.

On the budget end of things the same applies. A $1000 Sony a6400 matches perfectly well with the $1000 70-350 lens.

It would make no sense whatsoever to buy the $3000 100-400GM and use that on the $1000 a6400 since most of the time the a6400 AF system will be the component that fails to keep up.  Never mind the IQ coming from an APS-C sensor.

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