Bag suggestion for GFX100s w/ 32-64

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Re: Bag suggestion for GFX100s w/ 32-64

Zorki-6 wrote:

Ponylander wrote:

If there was ever a camera that would get me back into film photography, a GSW670 or 690 would likely be it. Or maybe a Mamiya 7.

Both great cameras, the 7/7II more refined than the Fuji and the lenses undoubtedly sharper. I have a subjective preference for the Fujinon glass though, and the clunk of that shutter.

Have you seen the price of a 7II in decent shape? Madness.

Yes...I have considered getting one of these as a collectible, and for "sometimes" use.

My interest in the Fuji GSW670/GSW690 and the Mamiya 7/7II largely came from the high resolution they offere - and what can be obtained from their transparencies (on scanners that could resolve 6,000 DPI or more). Therefore, I considered getting one about 12-13 years ago. That didn't seem very practical, even then, so I hoped for either maker to  offer very high resolution digital cameras. Meanwhile, Mamiya never made a digicam anything near the size of a 7/7II and Fuji made digicams with small sensors... Until the GFX50 cameras. At that point, I figured it was just a matter of time before I could afford my resolution craving, and the GFX 100/100S do so.

But I still think about getting a GSW 670/690! Just to have!


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