Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

ChuckB wrote:


I think I'd like to see a test/comparison among various high-quality cameras of various sensor sizes with output to screen and print with no limit on post-processing to see just where the differences end up. Big diff, little diff, no diff, whatever. It wouldn't stop the controversy, but it would be interesting.

..that would indeed be an interesting comparison! However, it is not only the camera, it is also the lens applied. FF cameras (and in particular high resolution) are more demanding on lens quality than the 1" sensor RX series.

I am not sure but I can imagine that it is much more demanding for a lens to cover the FF sensor size sharp from edge-to-edge than a 1" sensor (that's why e.g. can have such a enormous focal length reach with still excellent sharpness).

Regarding noise, indeed I am using Topaz Denoise AI on the occasionally very high ISO images (and images where I have enhanced the shadows a lot) with surprisingly good results. The only thing I don't like from the RX10 series is the 'busy' bokeh at close ups. I will have a look how aperture dependent this is (could be the form of the aperture).

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