USB Cable and Dummy LP-E17 Battery for Canon M6 Mark II

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Re: USB Cable and Dummy LP-E17 Battery for Canon M6 Mark II

R2D2 wrote:

B_Gardner wrote:

Thanks for the good ideas. Here's what I've got:

1. The back of LCD says 7.4V. I can't find any other electrical specs on it.

2. The CA-PS700 AC adapter says the output is 7.2V / 2.0A. This is 14.4 watts.

3. The LP-E17 battery says output is 7.2V and 1040 mAh. I found 7.5 Wh on the opposite side of the battery. This makes sense because 7.2V x 1.04 Ah = 7.5 Wh. I can't find any indication of an amperage limit though.

4. Knowing all this, I searched the Canon M6ii User Manual again and found nothing. There are apparently no specs in the manual.

I went ahead and ordered the USB battery power cord from Amazon and will try it with the standard 5V / 2.4A USB battery that I have. That is only 10.8 watts, so am not sure its going to work. Will just have to try it and if it doesn't work, then look for a USB battery with a higher amperage rating.

Let me know if I'm missing something obvious!


I have the adapter you linked to above. It works fine with standard 2.4 amp USB battery banks.

Thanks for the data point, this gives me hope that this cable might actually work on my camera and not damage it.

However I haven’t done any extended shooting (like for hours on end) with the setup powering my M6ii. I have however used it to power my M6 for an hour and a half while shooting video continuously (with momentary pauses at each half hour to restart recording of course).

I do recall reading that the camera may time out after a while though (regardless of power status). Maybe do a search for this.

Good to know.  I'll look for it.  Thanks again.


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