USB Cable and Dummy LP-E17 Battery for Canon M6 Mark II

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Re: USB Cable and Dummy LP-E17 Battery for Canon M6 Mark II

R2D2 wrote:

B_Gardner wrote:

2. The CA-PS700 AC adapter says the output is 7.2V / 2.0A. This is 14.4 watts.

More info for you...

Actually the adapter linked to above lists its DC Output (on the device) as 7.6v/8.4v/8.8v. No current (or wattage) spec.

It lists the USB Input as 5v, 2A - 4A (above 2.4A, 3A is better).

I saw this on the Amazon page but wasn't sure how to interpret it.  I read it so say that maybe my current power brick (5V / 2.4A) will work, or maybe it won't.  My guess is that this means that the USB adapter will work if I have a big enough USB brick for the camera?

I'm not sure why they don't list a maximum current (or wattage) spec for the DC Output, but I think it has plenty of capacity (doesn't get real hot).

When I measured the 5v output of a battery bank (while powering the M6ii), the current ranged from about half an amp to 1 amp when in normal operating modes (incl recording video), but it could momentarily range up to 2 amps or even (rarely) 3 amps when recharging the flash.

Excellent, thanks!  That's very helpful.

I went ahead and ordered the USB battery power cord from Amazon and will try it with the standard 5V / 2.4A USB battery that I have. That is only 10.8 watts

That's actually 12 watts (which is the USB standard). 12 watts worked fine powering my M6ii (and M6) for all operations.

Thanks for catching that mistake.  Some day I'll stop trying to do math in my head.


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