Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

I mainly miss a wider focal length than 24mm FF equivalent. Stitching multiple images can work with static subjects, but is a hassle.

Higher resolution would be nice. It seems all the high MP sensors are larger than 1". Again, multiple images can be blended.

It's easier to make sharper lenses for larger sensors, because smaller sensor images have to be enlarged more than larger sensor images to get the same resulting picture size. At the same lp/mm, lenses for larger formats will look better.

At the same depth of field, angle of view and scene illumination you get the same amount of noise regardless of sensor size (assuming equally efficient sensors), so you need shallower DOF for FF to have an advantage. Fortunately, modern noise reduction software helps. If you have a static subject, you can shoot multiple images and blend to lower noise.

For me, the advantage of an easily pocketable camera outweigh these considerations.

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