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amateurphotographer wrote:

I would think if you carried all my above gear on the waist it can't be good. Would have thought it is better to distribute around the body.

Mirrorless systems are lighter than the big bulky DSLR's I have been using to maybe it is comfortable nowadays to carry everything on the waist.

No comment on the first part, but I will use back packers as an example.  If their pack is set up correctly, most of the weigh is on the hips and not their shoulder.  The shoulder straps do carry some weight but are mostly there to keep things in place.  This is how the body most appropriately carries weight.  Googling will provide lots of results on the subject.

As you said in the main part of your comment, strap size mattress.  The same is true for belts.  A simple, thin dress belt is not going to be very comfortable or durable during long sessions.  For example the one I am currently playing with, the main belt is 2" SCUBA webbing which is very ridged and keeps it shape well along with being able to hold a lot of weight.  This is used in conjunction with a 3" wide belt pad that has some padding and a very nice non-slip backing.

There are lots of photography branded belts that are similar in nature.  I chose to go with this system because I used the same set up in another situation and it works well.  It has way more weight on it than a couple of cameras and some lenses.

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