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Topaz Sharpen AI 3.3.1 update made it useless (MacOS)

ppage wrote:

ppage wrote:

With the latest version of Sharpen AI (3.3.1) the comparison view seems useless. The three models all say "Not Updated" and when I select a model from drop-down menu on the right and try to turn it on I see the message "Suggested model is not supported in Comparison View". I've tried all 9 listed models. But I can get the models (at least the ones I've tried so far) to work in Single View, Split View, and Side-by-side View. This is really very unfortunate because Comparison View is, for me at least, the best place to start.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I submitted the problem to Topaz on Saturday and got an answer back this morning saying that they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix which they hope to have available soon, possibly even later this week.

Kudos to Topaz Labs for making it easy to communicate with them and for responding so quickly.

Hi ppage,

thanks for your information. Did you hear back from Topaz, since there is no new update as of now (at least for MacOS). I updated to 3.3.1 about a week ago, with the result that Sharpen became very slow and showed basically no difference between the original and the preview (except introducing artefacts to the preview). It became totally useless for me with this update. Therefore, I came to see in this forum if anybody had similar problems, just to see people raving about the update. Now I am totally puzzled, even totally deinstalled Sharpen AI and reinstalled it, to no avail...

Anybody got a suggestion? Would be very grateful!

Thanks and best regards,


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