Usability of Zone Focusing

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Re: Usability of Zone Focusing

I hate MF, not sure whether I could help.

But from your correspondence here it seems you can actually look at it ina more simple way.

1. since you are using a 1.5x crop factor system, any reading you read, if based on FF (1.0X crop factor), must be multiplied by 1.5 on Angle of View (i.e. a 50mm FF lens on APSC offers an equivalent view of 75mm @ the same shooting distance) as well as DoF (i.e. the DoF scale of f/8 of the lens has to use the marking of f/12 of that lens).

It is never a problem for FF system shooter, but not easy for other crop factor system user. I suppose we could calculate the DoF by DoF calculator in advance and put them on a chat sheet might be more useful than using the DoF scale directly on lens.

2. If focusing by zone focus (hyperfocal distances), just set the f/stop and keep the target within the expected DoF range (avoid to use the both ends of DoF range), by theory you can capture an image with reasonable sharpness ( never as sharp as you lock focus on it) of that intended target.

In practice, when you find a target:

  • set the f/stop and move close to the target until it falls within the DoF of your set f/stop, or
  • estimate the distance of the target from you, set the f/stop that can provide an DoF to cover that distance.

I learnt those back from the full manual SLR day when my poor eyesight did not happy to work with those split focusing glass.

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