Maybe Nikon's waiting for the Z9 hype to die down before sending DSLRs out with a bang

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Dec 2021. Nikon Z9 - if the demand stories are true, it'll take a year for everyone who wants one to get one. More people will jump on board if the camera lives up to the hype.

Dec 2022 Nikon Z8 - slimmed down version of Z9 (same form factor) with key features in place but priced at USD 3K+.

Dec 2023. Nikon Z6/7 III - same form factor - AF finally fixed and some features from Z9 (if they are smart, they'll keep the LCD) and priced same as now.

Dec 2024 Nikon ZX - they'll be working on this now to ensure that they retain the advantage they have over the rest of the field. Then rinse and repeat.

That might be a bit too dense of a release schedule for Nikon considering that by some time next year, their DX offerings in the Z lineup would be getting very old and thin. I suspect that Nikon will increase their Z DX line up sooner rather than later and run with the FX horses for now.

Quite possibly - I make no claim to understanding how manufacturing timelines work. My point was more that if I were Nikon, from a marketing standpoint, I would be looking to keep the pot boiling and ensuring that I don't prematurely shut off any sales pipeline by announcing anything too soon. To keep the pot boiling I wouldn't delay too long either.

Sony is eating Nikon’s lunch. You’re suggesting basically 2024 to come out with Z6/7 models that fix AF deficiencies against Sony and Canon. A Z8 is not what is needed next. What is needed next is a best in class bread and butter camera that the masses, what’s left of them, will buy.

The z7ii or z6ii aren't terrible but they are not enough to convert all these d850 shooters and d810 shooters and d800 shooters. Still plenty using these bodies. I recon a firmware update will bring em on even more if going by the improvements had to the originals with just one expeed processor are any inclination. To put it finely, there is a difference say between in dslr world a d750 and a d850.

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