Maybe Nikon's waiting for the Z9 hype to die down before sending DSLRs out with a bang

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mainoo wrote:

Craftsman70 wrote:

Dec 2021. Nikon Z9 - if the demand stories are true, it'll take a year for everyone who wants one to get one. More people will jump on board if the camera lives up to the hype.

Dec 2022 Nikon Z8 - slimmed down version of Z9 (same form factor) with key features in place but priced at USD 3K+.

Dec 2023. Nikon Z6/7 III - same form factor - AF finally fixed and some features from Z9 (if they are smart, they'll keep the LCD) and priced same as now.

Dec 2024 Nikon ZX - they'll be working on this now to ensure that they retain the advantage they have over the rest of the field. Then rinse and repeat.

That might be a bit too dense of a release schedule for Nikon considering that by some time next year, their DX offerings in the Z lineup would be getting very old and thin. I suspect that Nikon will increase their Z DX line up sooner rather than later and run with the FX horses for now.

Quite possibly - I make no claim to understanding how manufacturing timelines work. My point was more that if I were Nikon, from a marketing standpoint, I would be looking to keep the pot boiling and ensuring that I don't prematurely shut off any sales pipeline by announcing anything too soon. To keep the pot boiling I wouldn't delay too long either.

Sony is eating Nikon’s lunch.  You’re suggesting basically 2024 to come out with Z6/7 models that fix AF deficiencies against Sony and Canon.  A Z8 is not what is needed next.  What is needed next is a best in class bread and butter camera that the masses, what’s left of them, will buy.

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