Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

BertIverson wrote:

snappyden wrote:

BertIverson wrote:

I started in 1950's with 120 film - 35mm slides - 35 mm film - APSC digital - 1" digital. My results have pretty much improved as the medium got smaller. My current Sony RX10 M4 (1") is my last camera (age 84)

just my 0.02


Hoping when you turn 90 you'll get the latest model Sony RX10 as a birthday present!

Remain positive and keep shooting.



Thanks Den,

Well I am optimistic. Still walk about 2.5 miles -- 5 days a week (20 min / mile)
Eyes are fine 20/20 with glasses. Sony may add the RX10 M5 but I can not imagine what else they can do to it. Maybe some AI stuff built in that would temp me.

I hope to live long enough to run post processing AI PC software to enhance "details" of some old family BW photos I digitized about 20 years ago. (I digitized these at an excessive scan rate 500 ppi so their limit is the sorry BW printing that was done 75-100 years ago). This AI SW is just starting to show up at the amateur level

As to getting to age 90, here is SSA.GOV estimate for 84 year-olds:
At 84, expected additional years 6.6 so 90.6 (you might be right)

Cheers and best wishes at Thanksgiving,


Thanks for your response and your optimism.  As a retired mathematician, I love analysis and statistics, sounds like you do also.  I'm now 73, and while that was my life expectancy when born, I now statistically should live to 85.5, so remaining optimistic, as you are.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,


Santa Cruz, Ca.

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