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Re: So now its the number of collector models a brand has that determines success?

palane wrote:

I would say the coloured Pentax models were very successful.They sold them all.People paid a couple of hundred over the standard price for the custom colours and must be very happy because they are RARE on the used market compared to the standard colours.3 out of my 10 digital Pentax bodies are coloured having sold 2 other coloured bodies that were duplications that became not needed.

As for comparing the Pentax and the 3 GFX models,the technology is not the same because they share the same sensor.The popularity of the GFXs has taken over that sector, just look at the threads in MF section.Pentax isn't mentioned too often nor Hassy or others.Its dominated by Fuji.(around 75-80% of talk).

So is Pentax a success or is Fujifilm beating them? Getting confused with the big picture here?

At first it was the number of bodies available now its the number of collector models it has? So Pentax is ahead of Fujifilm because Fujifilm has no collector models that I am aware of?

Sure - Fujifilm GFX is popular - its the cheapest MF system out there - unless one buys used.

But how does help my Fujifilm X - camera AF-C tracking issues?

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