EOS R6 focus guide inaccuracy

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Re: EOS R6 focus guide inaccuracy

I have the same behavior on a few brand new chipped adapters I purchased. I had them specifically programmed for the lenses I planned to use, thinking with this feature in the R5 it would be one of the best adapted lens platforms available. However, Focus is nowhere close with any of them, the only benefit is that I don’t have to change the ibis focal length when swapping lenses but now the adapters are really only good for one lens as there’s no way to override that (I suppose exif data is there too). Going forwards I’m going to just buy dumb adapters. I don’t really understand why this would matter as the phase detect should just be read directly off the sensor unlike a DSLR. I could see how the gap in the aids would be off as that is showing you how far it needs to be turned to hit focus, which would need some distance calculation but when the arrows are aligned and the box is green it should be in focus and it’s not, and it’s not slightly out either, no difference at close or further distances. Focus peaking is bang on with all the same lenses and stopping down doesn’t improve the situation at all.

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