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As beautiful as the expensive designer or leather bags are I’m afraid they draw too much of the wrong kind of attention. To me they scream come steal me. Not just for that reason but my all time favorite bag for when I don’t need a lot of padding for protection and only carrying around one camera with lens is my decades old Domke F3x. It’s so old I don’t even remember how long I’ve had it.

Ha, nicely parodied.

Billingham is to photography what Rapha is to cycling.

I bought a cheap padded insert with Velcro partitions from Amazon that fits nicely in an old, abused Muji satchel that nobody looks twice at.

I suspect that to some people, a GFX 100S and the grapefruit-sized GF 32-64mm F4 lens are basically pleading to be stolen. "Low-hanging fruit," if you will.

A plain bag won't render an expensive camera disguised without fail. Presumably, at some point the camera is coming out of the bag, and a GFX 100S + 32-64mm draws attention. People make comments about it, at least to me. With this exact camera and lens combination, I overheard a woman suggest to her male companion that I was "paparrazi." I'm not; I was just out taking "fun pics" at a marina here in South FL on the weekend, and I had an inexpensive camera bag with me. Not 15 feet away from "Paparazzi lady", a man saw me taking pics and commented about my camera. Recognizing it (it turned out he is a photographer) he proceeded to excitedly point out to his girlfriend, "That's a $10,000 camera!" I had said nothing about its cost; apparently he was confusing my GFX 100S with the GFX 100. I wish he had been a bit quieter, because "Paparazzi lady" and her male friend and everyone nearby on the dock overheard him, and were more curious than ever and watching us. At that point, whether I had my cheap bag or Billingham with me, the awkwardness would have been the same. I guess a plain, more discrete bag works fine if you never take the camera out of it.

Personally, I'd rather have a quality (strong, weatherproof, and very well padded) bag because I think good gear deserves a good bag, and then keep my eyes and hands on it and its contents at ALL times. Most people may not look closely at plainer bags, but even with just a plain/inexpensive bag, I would never assume that a thief wouldn't be interested in its potential contents. Having a nice bag (Billingham) reminds me without fail that I better keep my hands and eyes on it, lest it disappear. YMMV.


Exactly what happens with me, I get my GFX or Leica out and there is always somebody that wants a have a look or to hear my thoughts. That draws much more attention then my Billingham bag! Never had the issue with Sony/Nikon/ or Fuji APS-C cameras!

One guy comes up to me "Do you know how much that camera is?" umm yes!

I get the same with my watch!

If you shoot social documentary an awkward exchange with people who need to mind their own business is the least of your worries. I use the bag that looks least like it has a camera in it and the camera stays in the bag in between frames. Also this is Europe so people don't get excited about the monetary value of somebody else's camera or watch, unless they intend to steal it, but in general those people wouldn't be able to tell a GFX and a 4000D apart.

I doubt the young man who wandered past me the other day with a 2 by 4 with nails in the end would have kept walking if I was carrying a Billingham.

I find the people that notice the GFX are usually photographers and have a camera round there neck and I am happy to have a chat with them.

The people that usually notice the Leica look like they want to stab me! the last yob said "Nice camera mate, how much is it"...

To be honest Europe is now becoming unsafe to wear things like good watches and use a nice camera, I never use my Leica now in populated areas.

I generalised a bit there and I think we should both be fair - Europe has some of the safest cities in the world where I wouldn't think twice about walking with a Leica or my 100S. And then there's Barcelona (a city I love, nonetheless).

My work at the moment focuses on deprivation in a post-industrial region of the UK, so unfortunately I regularly encounter people who are simply desperate and who would sell a GFX for a fraction of its value without understanding what they had. Hence I'm carrying a $9000 camera/lens combo in a ripped Muji satchel:

I rarely come across other photographers but I don't mind a chat with anyone that recognises my Makina 67 or GSW690.

If there was ever a camera that would get me back into film photography, a GSW670 or 690 would likely be it. Or maybe a Mamiya 7.

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