Maybe Nikon's waiting for the Z9 hype to die down before sending DSLRs out with a bang

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Re: Why Would Nikon Want...

ARClark wrote:

You guys are not far apart. There are differences between leaking, teasing announcing and releasing. I think your release schedule is not unreasonable. But to Bill’s point, leaking or trading some specs not too far down the road would be helpful to those waiting on the inevitable smaller body form and giving them planning horizon.

but wouldn't that dilute their market share?. Right now, the Z9 has created a phenomenal buzz. If I had the money, I'd have ordered one straightaway. I'm still scheming and as long as there's no Z8 on the horizon, I'll keep trying to get the money. If I succeed before Dec 2022, I'll buy the Z9. If I know for certain that a Z8 is coming, I will definitely wait for it instead, as, I think, would many who are now planning to buy the Z9.

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