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Re: Really - the number of models on the market is your view of success?

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Honestly, one of my reasons to choose Fuji over Nikon,Canon and Sony at the time of my purchase was Fujis Kaizen politics - and quite honestly, I am kind of disappointed at the moment, each of the other suppliers offers firmware upgrade after firmware upgrade improving AF etc. and Fuji... Well, not much... AF is quite a bit behind every competitor at the moment.

The bar is very high right now for camera bodies due to the most recent Canon, Sony and Nikon offerings. These are the state of the art offers and priced that way and the technology will flow down to the less pricey models. The x-system "cool" factor offset many of the deficiencies in the bodies as did Kaizen.

The cool factor has worn off, Kaizen is over, and the bodies lag behind the competition. Fuji, instead has spent its time and energy on projects such as the X-T30 ii. Additionally, Fuji has done very very well with the medium format offerings. They have hacked away at the price of medium format. I am not sure if they have grown medium format as percent of camera sales.

The x-system lenses are okay. The refreshing of some of the outdated primes puts these into 2021. I am not sure what Fuji was thinking with the 50mm f/1.0 except to build a lens that the equivalency police can argue about. The choices among the long lenses is disappointing. I don't know what Fuji was thinking with the 16-80mm lens. Some of us were looking for a premium travel lens and not a kit lens.

From a system perspective, the 200mm lens, which might be the best lens Fuji has built to date for the x-system, but lacks a body worthy of its capabilities as a sports/action lens. Fuji offers the 100-400mm, a nice enthusiast lens, but really not long enough for birds or wildlife. I read that a 150-600mm is on the roadmap for 2022.

With the x-system, Fuji needs to exploit the key advantages of the APS-C--size and weight characteristics--important in these days of baggage limits and fees. OM Systems is trying with m43 and its focus on premium products. Fuji needs to do the same. FWIW.

FUJI are not in the same race as CaNikOny,they are leading by a considerable margin the 2 races they compete in and for Fuji users who desire FF there is the crop mode of GFX(theres 2 in actual fact )

Sony and Nikon are using stacked sensors in their latest high end bodies,Fuji starts using the same advanced tech in the next generation in 2022,testing is underway.

In capability, which Fuji bodies lag behind MF/crop bodies from other makers?Pentax is the only other crop body using a BSI sensor and Fuji is a long way ahead of that body.In MF again Pentax is the only competitor with 2014 technology.

You say Fuji lag behind the competition?Hmm, the competition lags behind Fuji IF ya look at the big picture.Fuji has superior lens line ups in the 2 genres they compete in.Fuji offers 9 crop bodies and 4 MF bodies, so tell who they are lagging behind?

Is that how you view success - the number of models on the market by a manufacturer? Is that your "Big Picture" view?

A manufacturer could have 100 models models on the market but means nothing if they are all using the same internals. Talking about Pentax - remember the multiple colour models they tried - all the colours in the rainbow available to you - how successful was that?

3 MF bodies (50s, 50r, 50sMkII) you mention used that same 2014 technology that Pentax uses.

But that is OK since Fuji Kaizen was possible because they reused the same internals across all their models of the same generation.

This was the compromise and deal they had with the users. Yes - we reskin our cameras but we keep on making improvements and spending R&D on them as we work on the platform longer than others manufacturers AND we will make these new improvements available to the older models that share the same platform as we release them on the newer reskinned models. This was the tradeoff that got us to accept the reuse of sensors and processors across 8 or 9 different models.

But in terms of where Fujifilm is lagging - AF continuous tracking has always been behind since day 1 for the X-cameras. If one is a focus and recomposite kind of photographer - its perfectly fine.

2021 for Fujifilm has been about GFX and not really APS-C, OK they released some APS-C lenses but in terms of new bodies with new functions or improved functions in APS-C, 2021 is not it.

Hopefully, 2022 will be better for APS-C but if they start to split the platform between stacked vs. non-stacked sensors - not sure how Kaizen is going to work out if it still works at all.

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