Please help me to choose a FF camera system (landscape, wildlife)

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Re: Please help me to choose a FF camera system (landscape, wildlife)

robgendreau wrote:

First, why full frame? that's a small budget for wildlife with that sensor even if you go for used stuff.

Second, if you experience is that old be aware that newer zooms are very very good. And the "kit" lens for a FF is not comparable to the kit on the old APS-C $500 cameras.

Most would recommend a 600mm lens for wildlife. You could get by with say the Canon EF 400mm 5.6L and crop, and maybe find it used for an affordable price.

I'd consider a's still a ripping good camera and a favorite with wildlife shooters.

Why full-frame is a very good question. I always viewed full-frame as "better". Of course, not better for everything - at least in the past the FF cameras were bigger/clunkier. I liked FF cameras for their dynamic range, depth of field control and better perf. at high ISOs. Also FF lenses were of very good quality and sometimes even cheaper as the comparable ones for APS-C cameras. But as you wrote, my opinions are based on experience from more than a decade ago. So things could have changed but I still think physics play the decisive role here and a bigger sensor will have it's advantages.

From the point of view of really investing into a system (buying several lenses) I didn't even consider a crop factor, I just wanted to go the FF route right away. But I don't say I can't or won't reconsider if there are reasonable arguments for it 🙂 I liked the fact that you can get a FF camera in a smaller body without the noisy mirror and have the advantage of doing video too. Thanks for the advice for the D500.

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