Usability of Zone Focusing

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Re: Usability of Zone Focusing

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the patience & time to help again. I'll use the below tip for sure.

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Please ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your results good enough?
  • Or are you seeing problems with focus and sharpness in your photos?

There are two methods of hyperfocal focus distance: one is that you focus on the hyperfocal distance, and then everything from half the hyperfocal distance to infinity will be adequately sharp, and the other method is to focus to infinity, and then everything from the hyperfocal focus distance to infinity will be adequately sharp.

In the first method, only objects at the HFD will be sharp, and objects before and after will be slightly out of focus. In the second method, only infinity will be sharp, and closer objects will be slightly out of focus.

It goes back to my earlier advice: focus on the most important thing in your scene, and then only worry about depth of field if your results aren't good enough.

Any support on this is highly appreciated!!

This is much helpful to understand on HFD!! will use it as per my requirements.

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Guru raj

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