Pentax to Nikon ?

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Re: Pentax to Nikon ?

I bought into Pentax in 2006, had the K10, K20, K5, K3 and eventually K1 hoping the rumoured AF improvements were for real. Only the K1 offered a significant improvement with both AF speed and accuracy. Unfortunately the lenses were the weak point, good centre sharpness but noticeably soft towards the edges (24-70 and 15-30), both heavy and the body too.

Pentax build is superb and I never once had an issue with a lens or body, also never a doubt in bad weather regularly out in rain, soaked by waves, covered in ice and snow.

In 2019 traded everything to get the Z6 with 24-70 f4, 14-30 f4, 70-300 AF-P and 200-500, since added 50mm Z 1.8 and 85mm Z 1.8. Initially I was not blown away by AF performance, speed similar to K1 but accuracy better. With subsequent firmware updates AF is definitely much much better.

EVF vs OVF, don't really notice, K1 OVF was huge and bright but so is the Z6 EVF and one advantage is you can see real time what you are capturing, downside is enabling this impacts AF performance. This is possibly not the case on Z6/Z7 II.

I miss the Pentax colours! Struggle to get the colours I want in some situations, Nikon colours do not seem as natural. Dynamic range similar, and possibly Pentax files easier to work with. I miss the resolution of the K1 but due to lack of sharpness across the frame not as big a drop. The Z7 would have limited my lens choices due to funds and I opted for faster AF of Z6 and better low light capability.

After years of reasonably priced SD cards XQD and CFE are expensive but also very fast and reliable. Miss the Pentax folder per day option, small thing but also cannot see why it is not possible and options so inflexible in Nikon.

Menus and customisation similar, only annoyance really is not being able to change mode in user settings without starting from scratch.

IBIS as good as Pentax despite being 1st gen, not noticed any issues. I do wish pixel shift was an option, K1 pixel shifted images were amazing for sharpness and detail.

I am very pleased with the Z6 and lenses I have, weight reduction is a real bonus, also glad I switched when I did. I've captured images I would never have with the K1. I am looking forward to the 3rd gen bodies that may incorporate some of the tech from the Z9 and definitely looking forward to the new lenses, eager to try the 100-400 and 200-600 when available.

I doubt you would be disappointed if you do switch.

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