D5300 toggle between iso and auto iso

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Re: D5300 toggle between iso and auto iso

Mindflux wrote:

I am testing my daughters D5300 she’ll be getting as a gift soon but have a question:

I’ve got the function button set to ISO, so when I hold the button and move the command dial I come out of ISO-A mode.

No, you haven't come out of the ISO-A mode. What you saw on the viewfinder is what the ISO setting would be, IF you turned OFF the "Auto ISO sensitivity control" on the Menu.

But how do I get back into ISO-A mode? Releasing the button makes the viewfinder show “ISO AUTO” but the ISO is still stuck at my manual setting unless I roll the command dial back to a low ISO like 100-200 before releasing the function button.

Because the camera is still on ISO-A.

is there a quicker way for it to go back to auto?

You are still there. You haven't left ISO-A by adjusting the ISO setting.

I’ve tried shutter half press to have the camera meter the shot but that doesn’t do it.

I shoot Pentax so it’s easy to go back to auto ISO with the green button.

If you want to use Manual ISO control. You'll need to turn OFF the "Auto ISO sensitivity control" on the Menu. And the camera will be set to use the ISO setting as chosen. You can only do that when on PSAM mode.

The quickest way to come back to ISO-A, is to switch back to "Program Auto" or "Program Auto without flash". You still keep your Manual ISO when on PSAM mode.

The long way is to go to the menu to turn the "Auto ISO sensitivity control" back to ON.


D5600 is the only model in the D5xxx series with the facility, using the touch pad when focusing using the OVF, to toggle between iso and auto-iso when on PSAM mode.

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