Weakness in GFX100s tripod mount

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Re: Hey Jim. Here are a couple of links

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Here's what I get when I click on that link:

Jim, I am able to follow the link. I am in the UK, FWIW.

This is the text, below that is a picture of the tripod mount and screws. Just reproducing for reference, not endorsing the content.



This is all that holds the tripod bush to the GFX100s body .... 2x 1.7mm screws (the chrome ones) fixing this small plate onto a 2mm thick L shape piece of soft metal on the inner chassis. As a result of a fairly minor jerk when I stopped the tripod falling over the threads have stripped on the chassis and it's loose. The cover plate is so thin that it buckles as a result. Basically it's a terrible design and totally inadequate for a pro camera of this weight and size. I suspect Fuji will say it's not repairable as the only solution is re-tapping the fixation plate to accept a larger screw and modify the tripod bush plate to accommodate them (suitable 2mm wafer head screws seem unobtainable in the UK). Whatever, I'd suggest anyone using this camera regularly on a tripod bears in mind that the fixation is not as robust as you might imagine. I've finally got round to sending it off to Fuji as it's currently unusable on a tripod and the fixing screws are completely loose, so we will see what the verdict is. I'm not optimistic."

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Just to add (as I have previously) that the statement saying the tripod 'bush' is held on only by two 1.7mm screws is inaccurate. Look at the photos and figure it out.

Also, the camera that broke was a 50S, not a 100S. And the reference to "monkey metal" in the video (monkey metal is basically scrap metal) is somewhat ludicrous.

I think we concluded last time that the video is click bait. Let's wait for real evidence on a failure on the 100S.

Meanwhile, I don't have any qualms about my 50S tripod mount, but I haven't thrown it to the floor when it's attached to a tripod.

So we have zero documented field failures with the GFX 100S?

Well, it's been a couple days and nobody has fessed up to a broken tripod mount, so nothing from this community at least. But the sample is contaminated because of that video. Maybe everyone is handling their GFX's with kid gloves. But I doubt it. I treat my 50S like any other camera I've had and it's still in one piece (that is, unless I take off the EVF tilt adapter, which I see no reason to do).

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