Are D6, D850 and D780 going to be obsolete after 2022?

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Re: Are D6, D850 and D780 going to be obsolete after 2022?

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nikpharm wrote:

There is a big price difference between Z9 and D6. Most of the pros who wanted D6 have already purchased it and those hanging onto D5 will probably order Z9, based on the features, new technology and price difference, instead of D6 whenever a new camera will be required.

By the end of 2022, some of the features and technology will trickle down to a new pro camera, whether a Z8 or Z7iii, which will be the mirrorless version of D850, with improved and advanced AF and FPS and those planning to grab a pro camera will prefer that Z model rather than D850 at that time.

Similar will be the case for Z6iii when compared to D780.

Considering post 2022 scenario, is it prudent to buy any of the three DSLR;s or wait for the next version of the Z cameras.

I think a lot will depend on how many "pros" prefer optical viewfinder rather than electronic. The other question is do you prefer OVF or EVF?

I'm not a pro, but I don't like electronic viewfinders and I have no intention of going mirrorless. If Nikon makes a D850 and D500 DSLR successor, I will buy it! If not, I'll keep what I have and continue to use it until it dies (if ever) and buy another low shutter count one if needed.

Agreed, I've used the Z7, I'm not impressed, I prefer the OVF.   Try the Z7 in fast moving situations, the lag is obvious and annoying.  I haven't used a Z9 yet. I can't comment on that.   Hopefully in the future they fix that.   My friend looked through the Z7 also, said it looked fake/artificial and noticed the annoying lag in fast moving situations.

In the interview here with the Nikon development executive, Naoyuki Murakamio in response to this question: How much of your manufacturing capacity do you expect to be allocated to DSLR, in the future? (Compared to mirrorless)

He said, "Due to market conditions, we are currently focusing on the development of mirrorless products, which are a rapidly growing portion of the market. Development of digital SLR products will be determined based on future market trends. Of course, we will continue to provide solid production and support in order to satisfy existing digital SLR users, including lenses and accessories."

Nikon interview: 'Z9 will exceed expectations for every genre of photography and video': Digital Photography Review (

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