Please help me to choose a FF camera system (landscape, wildlife)

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Re: Please help me to choose a FF camera system (landscape, wildlife)

Krusty79 wrote:

Whenever someone buying a new camera says they want it for wildlife, I always ask - do you need it for stationary/perched critters, or running/flying ones? The AF demands are much higher for moving/flying animals.

Do you care about eye AF?

You sounded like you didn't like EVFs - but you are open to mirrorless?

Hi, thanks for stopping by to help. Regarding the AF, I would say that most of the time I won't be "chasing" fast moving animals. For example I plan to go to Iceland next year to (also) take some photos of the puffins there. The puffins can be chillin' at their burrows but they also can be in flight. I think I would be pretty happy with photos of them just chillin'. But for example for the Sony 200-600 what I read so far about it the AF should be pretty good and it would still fit into my budget.

About the eye AF - never thought about it really.

I don't like the "feeling" of looking into a small screen instead of a "real" viewfinder but I would enjoy the bigger screen that I could tilt and reap the benefits of the mirrorless system - so I would most probably use that the most. Especially when wanting to record some videos I guess. For me it's mostly about the pros and cons here - if the mirrorless system would give me more of the pros (better for video, lighter for traveling, more future proof) I could live with the EVF - I don't see that as a deal breaker. I was just used to as DSLR so far.

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