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Re: Sell me on the 100-400mm

RazorSharpWO wrote:

nmphoto1 wrote:

I'm open minded but find myself a bit at a loss with the new 100-400. I know this focal range zoom isn't new, but at $2600 I don't see its place, especially as a first lens beyond 200 for the Z line. If it were less expensive, then its versatility has it's place for me.

It only costs a little more to go first class ...

However, it seems like the epitome of a master of none lens. It seems to have IQ going for it, but it's too short for a lot of wildlife and too slow for most sports. From 100-200 I would never mount an 4.5-5.6 over the 70-200 2.8 for sports and at the long end of 400mm you aren't going to get much subject separation for sports or wildlife at 5.6.

I have news for you: $2600 is on the low end for a wildlife lens. E.g., the 180-400 FL ED zoom is $11,000, and the 100-300 FL ED zoom is $9900. That's what you pay for a true "Master Lens."

Therefore, the Z 100-400 S is not trying to be a "master" lens, it's just a little high when compared to other budget 100-400 optics. And, yes, telephoto lenses cost more, because they do things that standard lenses cannot.

For those who've ordered it, what was the selling point? What's your use case? I'm not trying to knock the lens, just get a better sense of its place.

I think you need to think for yourself, because "someone else's" case needs might not be your case needs.

Ask yourself questions like what do you enjoy shooting? Do you already have coverage for this? What would you like to shoot, but cannot do so effectively now? What lens(es) would enable you to do things you'd like to do, but at the moment cannot? How much are you able/willing to save to get your hands on the optic(s) that will open new horizons for you?

Nobody can answer these questions for you, you have to ask them of yourself.

What an incredibly pompous and unhelpful response.

I'll offer something that actually responds to the OP rather than crapping all over his thread.

100-400 is a great zoo lens. I also find it surprisingly useful for plants and flowers.

70-200 2.8 is also great, and much better indoors or in closer encounters. Pop on a TC for outdoor work and you have a great combo without carrying two full lenses. You'd need to study the IQ that the 2.0 TC offers though as it likely isn't going to match the 100-400.

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