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Re: The Wedding Photography Game has changed because of new technologies and not new techniques

Doug MacMillan wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:

Spot on, Morris. Blaming the gear is unfortunately a common practice. AF can be tricky, for sure, but not flawed to the extent suggested here.

I'm all for modern AF technology and I've love Fuji to get to the point I can select the left eye or right eye of a fly as the AF point, but goodness!

I wonder if any of those that are fussing have photographed a wedding with manual focus medium format cameras. That will put hair on your chest!


There's a word you don't hear enough nowadays - technique. In the film days, you had to work hard to develop your technique. It would behoove some young whipper snappers to work on that instead of yearning for the latest and greatest technology.

Wedding photography styles has changed a lot since the days of Medium Format, manual focus and film.

Those were the days that if you didn't shoot medium format - you were not a "real" wedding photographer. Those were also the days of static poses and delivering 50 images from a wedding. No such thing as PJ style in those days.

Funny how new equipment and new technologies has changed the game of wedding photography. The PJ style came about because of 35mm format, auto focus, more recently digital and OCFs.

New technologies forced changes in techniques for wedding photographers.

The other companies are coming out with better implementations of AF tracking than Fujifilm at the moment - to say that they are not behind and it is just our lack of techniques or bad techniques is just sticking your head in the sand.

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