What happened to Fuji Kaizen

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Re: What happened to Fuji Kaizen

This thread makes me sad, not because the OP isn’t right, which of course he is, but because so many of the old guard here are happy to defend the indefensible from Fuji rather than expect anything better themselves.

It’s a cold hard fact that the current range of cameras have not had anything like the same support from Fuji as previous generations. Yes they’ve had continuing bug fixes and compatibility updates, as have the older cameras, and I’m sure that will never change - but in terms of actual firmware development or even the sharing of basic improvements from one model to another, there’s been next to nothing, and that’s simply not the kaizen approach that Fuji themselves have marketed and traded on up until now.

Earlier in this thread Truman whines about the whining and cites the high version numbers of the final XT2 and X-Pro2 firmware versions as evidence that those cameras were in some way unfinished and in need of lots of bug fixes. I find this surprising from someone who I know was around and using at least one of those cameras back then. Those cameras were not buggy or unfinished at all, they were solid cameras at launch, they simply got better. Fuji progressed their firmware, squeezed more and more performance out of it, and added layers upon layers of brand new features to both cameras and others in the range at the time.

The X-Pro2 I had gained extra focus points, extra focus tracking modes, 4K video recording, flicker reduction, copyright info recording, nameable custom settings, tethered shooting, a long list of smaller improvements to the menus and options and many more major improvements to the AF algorithms and performance, not because any of those things were buggy or had been promised at launch, but because they made the camera better, as simple as that. Fuji’s culture at that time was that as they developed improvements for newer models such as the XT2, XE3 and XH1, at least some of those improvements should be shared with the other models in the range, and that’s what they did.

Fast forward to the X-Pro3, and honestly the biggest and most impactful update that’s had since launch was the option to revert back to the X-Pro1/2 style frameline behaviour in the OVF. Newer Fujis (including substantially cheaper models) have been released with more reliable AF tracking, film sims and other tweaks, and the XP3 has seen none of it, let alone had any of its own features enhanced. As great as it is, there is so much that could have been tweaked and improved on the XP3 - why is there no face detect in the OVF for example, that was a mystery even on the XP2 - but instead it’s just been a wall of silence.

This is not the Fuji of old. And you can decide to be ok with that, everyone has that choice, but equally it’s a fair thing to call out. Some of us expected better.

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