External Hard Drive Recommendations

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Re: External Hard Drive Recommendations

One for the anecdotal bin:
I just took delivery of a WD Black P10 4TB and I ran into issues right off the bat. After I plugged it in it kept disconnecting and immediately reconnecting and announcing itself in Windows. Finally it seemed to settle down, so I tried copying several GB of files to it. That worked OK for awhile, then I got an error about trying to move files to a non-existent device. This happened about 4 times along with helpful notices that the drive had a problem.

I tried to run chkdsk /r from a cmd prompt, but after the initial info was displayed, progress remained at 0%. For a loooong time. After this scenario played itself out a few times, I checked the Resource Monitor and it reported that chkdsk was suspended. I ran chkdsk from Powershell. Same result. 😤

SO I gave it a full format. Today it works without any issues. Full disclosure, I plugged it into a different USB3 port for the file copy test so I don't know if the drive was the problem or the port it was plugged into. I will be doing more testing before I trust it.

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