Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

tbcass wrote:

smith-jones wrote:

No because I still use them. I also still use smaller sensor cameras,

I use a small Nikon superzoom that cost me about as much as a mid priced pub counter lunch, my RX100iv is my pocket camera and my FF camera for specific shooting requirements.

The RX100iv is my favourite P&S and I treat it as a P&S.

I wish my FF camera had half the technology of even the old RX100iv.

Built in ND filter, 1/32000, 1/2000 flash (though my little Nikon does 1/4000 flash), fun HFR video (1000FPS is insane if not the greatest), pop up EVF, nice sharp little lens (wish it went to 100mm equivalent).

If they could put a new M43 sensor in it (and maybe an interchangeable mount), THAT would be my camera.

That would totally change the concept of the RX100 cameras. What you want is an M43 camera. Those are readily available from Panasonic and Olympus so there would be no sense in Sony offering one.

Nah, what I want is my RX100iv just scaled up very slightly to fit a more modern M43 sensor in.

I would also like one with an interchangeable mount but the closest to that is the GM cameras and I doubt they will ever make another of those,

There are NO M43 That meet what I want.

I agree it is very unlikely to ever happen but that is just what I would love to see.

I window shop for another M43 camera but for different purposes.

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