GFX100s EVF with non native glass

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Re: Article - Otus 55/1.4 on GFX by Jim

Bipin Prag wrote:

BostonBoy wrote:

My new Adapter to mount Nikon G Glass (well - in this case my Otus 55mm) arrived today. I was curious how much vignetting I would get (seems minimal) and focus peaking, focus magnification and of cause the stabilization helps a lot as well.

I will run my own tests once the work schedule calms down a little, but I could not help it and shot some quick snaps outside. They look promising, and on initial glance the sharpness seems better than my old Hasselblad 150mm as well. We'll see. I hope to be able to shoot some portraits with this combo soon.

Ive found that Otus 55 doesnt render too well in the corners, but you may want to consider using these crop modes better said and explained by Jim in his article with examples

"My net is that this lens witll work well on the GFX at 1:1 at around f/5.6 and at 4:5 at around f/8."

Article - Otus 55/1.4 on GFX -

Thank you for the hint!

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