Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

Ed B wrote:

Ab S wrote:

..nice kids of course! But flash is not the solution for low light. Then preferring going to iso6400 and use good denoise s/w (I use TOPAZ Denoise AI, but DXO DeepPrime is may be even better)..

These are family snapshots and I really don't see anything wrong with them. I think they look pretty good.

I do agree that natural light images are preferred by most people, provided the light is good, but simply raising the ISO doesn't provide better or additional light, and good photography is all about good light.

Sometimes a little added light is best.

It's a bit of a struggle with indoor natural light often - not only is there often not enough of it (and I don't want to take the rx100 above 3200 myself), sometimes the quality of it isn't good (artificial lights etc), which makes WB problematical. And then, you don't really have any control.

I'd rarely take direct-on flash unless outdoor fill - isn't very nice for the audience when direct, but often use ceiling bounce with the rx100, exploiting commonly white ceilings as a softbox. Biggest issue is recycle time on the rx100. Flash has the added advantage of freezing the motion of active kids!

As for larger sensor cameras with hot-shoe etc, the world's your limit, and if your flash over-powers the ambient, you have a lot of control with the beautiful light from a strobe or two, great for skin tones. Again, often nothing to stop white-ceiling bounce being used wirelessly with them when shooting in domestic circumstances, it doesn't have to be obtrusive.

Unless compelled to use high iso, my attitude towards it is, why am I throwing DR away?

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