Lens Recommendations — what would you buy if just getting started?

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My thoughts

Cael007 wrote:

My first question:

- would it be worthwhile to get the EF adapter and pick up older glass? Or should I commit to only RF mount?

Get the adapter.  EF lenses if you have them will work great with the camera and actually you will enjoy them more on a mirrorless system.

- if you were to start over, what lenses would you buy?

- What do you see as the best value in lenses right now? Rf or ef with adapter mounted to an r5

I have a slew of lenses but it all depends on what you're doing with the camera.   I dropped bigger money on the L-Glass and enjoy it.   Don't skimp on glass.    I still shoot with a 20yr old Gen 1 24-70L and it's amazing.     If starting out over again, I'd buy the newest RF but again, don't skimp.

My interests are street, landscapes/hiking, travel, wildlife, and I’m planning to get into videography but haven’t done any to date.

Since this is my first full frame, I’m thinking to start with a combo of:

- rf 35mm f1.8

- the new rf 100-400mm f 5.6-8

I have both and love them.  I use the 100-400mm a lot but that's me.

And then once I have a better idea of what I want range and speed wise I could pony up for the more expensive L glass. Curious if that’s a decent idea or if I should just cut straight to the L glass

As noted above, go L-   You won't regret it.  If you stay with Canon it will last and last.

.Budget isn’t a huge concern, but I am ultimately a hobbyist so I don’t need nat geo quality (It’d be nice to have a total weather sealed setup and a lens that can take advantage of the r5 though).

sorry this is a little all over the place. Thanks in advance for any help!!

I was an am in the same boat.  I true enthusiast but one that works hard to buy good gear and enjoy it.
Enjoy the adventures!

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