GFX100s EVF with non native glass

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Re: GFX100s w/ Novoflex Adapter and Zeiss Otus 55mm

My new Adapter to mount Nikon G Glass (well - in this case my Otus 55mm) arrived today. I was curious how much vignetting I would get (seems minimal) and focus peaking, focus magnification and of cause the stabilization helps a lot as well.

I will run my own tests once the work schedule calms down a little, but I could not help it and shot some quick snaps outside. They look promising, and on initial glance the  sharpness seems better than my old Hasselblad 150mm as well. We'll see. I hope to be able to shoot some portraits with this combo soon.

Scene with Novoflex Adapter, Zeiss Otus 55mm wide open @ f1.4 (never mind the wrong EXIF data)

Steadiest Object I could find, again wide open @ f 1.4 - not cropped, just resized to test vignetting

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