New firmware for R5/6 adds vehicle AF

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Yes, I don't feel entitled - I expect Canon to compete

You can continue with your low expectations of Canon and their old firmware laziness, but not me. I almost left Canon in my jump to mirrorless. I have been a Canon user since 1981 and a Canon DSLR user since March 2003, about 10 days after the release of the 10D. I have owned Six Canon DSLRs since then, but bought my last in 2012. I finally got tired of Canon's slow progress and laziness in taking care of their customers. I could go on, but many understand. I was about to leave for Sony like many others when Canon released the R5/R6 with the first real major sensor innovation in years. They also built cameras powerful enough to be platforms for continual development.

I have owned many digital cameras including P&S cameras from other companies that provided new features in their firmware updates. The first a Kodak dating to 1998. The new features were a great addition to the camera.

I am very happy to see the progress Canon is making in understanding how you need to compete in a competitive landscape in a declining market. I expect to see Canon continue this trend.  You are welcome to be satisfied with the original release with the original firmware. I am not. I don't feel entitled, I am a customer with expectations on my supplier. I am in the tech world and I know what my customers demand and I expect the same from the companies I buy from.

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