Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

tbcass wrote:

Ed B wrote:

Ergonomics (everything from camera size to the viewfinder) has always been a big negative for the RX100 series cameras.

To tell the truth, I listened to owners and read information on the Sony forum and decided to sell my Leica Type 109 (LX100) and buy the Sony RX100V to use as my "carry anywhere" type camera.

The RX100V produces great images, but I still regret selling the Panasonic clone, simply because of ergonomics.

Live and learn.

I hear you. For me, the portability, great IQ, AF, and video capabilities are worth the sacrifice in ergonomics for what I use the camera for. Of course, I also own an RX10iv which ergonomically is much better. I tried using the RX100vii for cross country but the ergonomics made it too difficult for the quick action and the constant zooming in and out necessary. For everything else, I have no problem.

I agree, the RX10IV is quite a camera. If I needed a bridge type camera, it would definitely be my first choice.

I think Sony does absolutely the very best when it comes to image quality and their one-inch sensor cameras.
I just wish the RX100 cameras were designed a little different. Naturally, Sony knows a lot more than  me, and the RX100 series cameras are probably some of the most popular, so I'm sure there are a lot of people who disagree with me.

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