Samyang 85 1.4 vs Canon 85 1.2 L

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RF lenses are still listed on the US Site

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Bummer I guess Canon spanked them and had them remove their RF mount from the market. Hope Sigma has better luck or agreements.


Not really. It was just to get rid of confusion. Rokinon is the authorized dealer for Samyang in the US. Both the lenses are alive & well.


Both the lenses are fantastic. Are they $2000+ lenses? No, but I make money using both the 14 & 85 lenses and the results are very impressive especially considering the low cost. The 85 is fantastic for Portraits and the 14 is great for Architectural work. Especially if you use DXO Photolab that does really masterful optical corrections and eliminates virtually any distortion. At least IMO.

I agree. The 84mm f/1.4 is a GREAT value and offers terrific performance. I have the Samyang version and docking station so that I was able to update the firmware thus enabling Canon's IBIS in my R6. Works great.

Not sure why the Samyang versions were harder to find now but both are readily available now. I suspect the supply chain issues have impacted photography gear too thus why the delays, etc.

Samyang have removed the RF version from their catalogue, something more than supply chain issues!

Still, it looks worth getting but only if I was sure it wouldn't become a paper weight when Canon release v 1.5?

It's still listed on the Samyang US Site. $699. Adorama has it for that price, which is what I paid for it and NOW they include the lens station so you can update the firmware. I bought mine back when the lens launched and paid $70 for the station sold seperately.

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