Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

For years I shot with Nikon SLRs and DSLRs.....  A friend introduced me to mirrorless by showing me his NEX-7 and I was immediately intrigued, and bought one of my own with three lenses.   I found myself shooting with the NEX-7 much of the time while the Nikons lingered in the bags.   Then I went through a period of several years where I did very little shooting at all.   That ended when I was preparing for a trip and picked up the RX10 IV, thinking it would be an ideal travel camera, because of its portability and terrific zoom range.  I was a bit dubious about the 1" sensor, even though I'd already  used and loved the RX100 series cameras and knew that they produced wonderful results.

Came home from the trip and started carrying the RX10 IV around with me as I walked around our neighborhood and small lake.  I loved how I could capture the local wildlife and also could even do some pretty nice closeups with that camera.   Pretty soon I was shooting on nearly a daily basis.   Eventually, though, I found that I was missing being able to shoot tabletops and serious macro images, as the RX10 IV just wasn't well suited to that.  I started thinking about going full-out mirrorless and researched the various FF options.

To make a long story short, one day I traded in all my now aging and aged Nikon bodies and lenses and the NEX-7 and its three APS-C lenses on an A7R IV and three lenses (2 macro and one mid-tele).   I reasoned that. for longer-range images I still had the RX10 IV, which I kept......  That idea lasted all of a month, as one afternoon while I was standing out on my deck shooting some geese and ducks, the thought kept going through my mind that although what I could get was pretty good, if I just had a longer lens for my A7R IV with its significantly larger sensor, the images would undoubtedly be better......

Went to the store, came home with the 200-600mm and, yep, funny thing about that -- the images did look better!  :D.    I still keep the RX10 IV out on a table, ready to grab in a hurry if there is some interesting action going on out on the lake, but for the most part I shoot with my A7R IV and my new A1 and the various lenses I have purchased over the past two years.    I love doing macro work with those cameras and my macro lenses and I love putting either the 100-400mm or the 200-600mm on the A1 to grab shots of the water birds on the lake and squirrels scampering around the neighborhood.

So, yes, it did turn out that I missed the larger sensors and dedicated lenses, and I really love my current gear.  That said, I also still am very fond of the RX10 IV and its little sister the RX100 VII.   Those two are still my traveling cameras (not that I've traveled any over the past couple of years!).   If Sony were to bring out a new RX10 V I would jump at one of those in a heartbeat, too.    I credit the RX10 IV with bringing me back to my love of photography and it definitely will always have a place in my hands and my household.

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