Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

ChuckB wrote:

The improvement in sensors and post-processing software has been so great that today the difference between FF and a Sony 1" is moot for nearly everyone. I'm in the group that says the difference is not worth the trouble when you are traveling. My Rx100(s) are always with me and the RX10 is there for nature photography. There may be some APSC work for closeups and macros, but only at home. On the road it's 1" all the way.

Because I started 65 years ago with film I think of my RX10 iii as a Ferrari compared to the Lada that was my Praktica, and when an SSC Tuatara shoots past me I don't care at all.

I also started out about same time as you with film - but I think your statement that "the difference between FF and a Sony 1" is moot for nearly everyone" and perhaps qualifying it to "difference is not worth the trouble when you are traveling", is way over the top and certainly doesn't reflect my attitude and usage of the wonderful rx100 and a wonderful FF camera, nor do I think I'm a peculiar minority.  I think the rx100 + FF a wonderful complementary combination actually, depending on the circumstances. So while obviously, YMMV, I don't think you can speak for "nearly everyone", especially when FF ILC sales are OK and the 1" space seems moribund.

I do love the rx100 on the road (and other times), sometimes it's all I'll take; but other times it'll be the FF (with a grip and tripod) up a mountain. And yes, in blue hour there's a huge difference between them. And I also like taking pictures of people, where the depth of field control and quick flash refresh options of FF is a significant factor in getting satisfying images. Post-processing doesn't solve that for me.

I do wish that the computational photography advances in smartphones had transferred more into the 1" space, but I don't see that happening.

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