Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

JohnNewman wrote:

Ed B wrote:

RussellP wrote:

What I am fighting at the moment is the feeling that the RX100 is just a bit too small.

That's my biggest complaint about the RX100 series cameras.

Me too. Apart from all the buttons being very 'fiddly' I found the tiny viewfinder not exactly brilliant. My eyesight is not the best but not bad but when I came home after photographing the grandkids at a water park (all at maximum focal length) and discovered half of the pics were of someone else's kids (could have been awkward!) I decided I needed something with a bigger/better viewfinder.

But the images (especially Raw) had a lot going for them. I'm now trying to decide between other Cams with 1" sensors or whether to go up to MFT or aps-c. I won't go full frame because I just don't need it though.



Ergonomics (everything from camera size to the viewfinder) has always been a big negative for the RX100 series cameras.

To tell the truth, I listened to owners and read information on the Sony forum and decided to sell my Leica Type 109 (LX100) and buy the Sony RX100V to use as my "carry anywhere" type camera.

The RX100V produces great images, but I still regret selling the Panasonic clone, simply because of ergonomics.

Live and learn.

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