EOS R6 focus guide inaccuracy

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Re: EOS R6 focus guide inaccuracy

moedius wrote:

I was curious if all chipped adapters were still made by ripping the contacts off a scrap lens and gluing to adapter; the only chipped adapter I've had was like this.

No; almost none are made that way.

You build a little jig to break-out the wires and snoop on the lens protocol. Then a chip is programmed to do the minimum handshakes you found necessary. It's particularly easy with the SPI lens interfaces used by most cameras (Sony E is a bit of a pain because they use a faster interface).

After a little googling it seems like at least some seem to have non-scrap based chipping? I presume they'd still need to pick a lens ID for the camera to detect.

Yes. Generally, they use something similar to a lens they snooped the protocol for.

Might have missed it but I didn't see where OP mentions what brand adapter they have, but if its fotodiox this might be helpful?


* i cant find a specific focal length in the adapter specs, which makes me think maybe the manual is for adjusting FL rather than microadjustments.

Well, that's interesting. Perhaps the adapter is telling to body to microadjust? The body really shouldn't listen to that when using the main sensor for PD, but who knows? (Actually, the folks at Magic Lantern might know....   )

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