RX10-iii weather sealed or not or ????

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Re: RX10-iii weather sealed or not - IPX rating?

tbcass wrote:

wolfie wrote:

elliottnewcomb wrote:

Weather 'RESISTANT', not weather sealed. And, weather sealed is not waterproof.

Even DPR made the mistake of converting resistant to sealed, and therefore misleads anyone reading that summary. Many don't catch the distinction.

How resistant? how do you define that?

Olympus are now publishing ISO standard IPX ratings for their cameras and lenses - funny that C,N,S are conspicuous by dodging the issue.

On paper the RX10 is a great camera but I'd be wary of trusting a camera that expensive to an hour or two in the rain with Sony's poor WR reputation.

You revived a 5-year-old thread simply to praise Olympus. Please stay in the Olympus forum.


I'm gonna give him an award for reviving a 5 year dead thread!

I think wolfie is correct in advising someone to avoid real rain exposure. I didn't take it as pushing Oly here, just commenting that Canon, Nikon, and Sony are not specific enough, which I agree with regarding the RX10.

After all, it was you who repeated DPR's inaccurate description as Weather 'Sealed' which Sony never said. Misinformation is easy, especially if it comes from a trusted source like yourself or DPR.

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